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A new 6,000 square foot house that sits at the top of a knoll overlooking the Severn River. The client desired a house that fit the scale of the knoll and did not conflict with its horizontal orientation. The house program was laid out in a linear fashion to maximize light and water views capped by low sloping hip roofs with large overhangs. The waterside volumes were staggered to increase the capture of the breezes that flow up river in the spring, summer and fall. The 1 1/2 story garage completes the vehicular approach to the house and is attached with an open breezeway with a green roof.

The blue stone terrace with its pool, fire pit and arbored eating space wraps the entire waterside of the house and is at the same level as the first floor to blur the distinction between inside and outside. A screen porch with hidden screens is created by the staggered volumes and the second floor deck.


New Residence


Severna Park MD

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